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RMO No. 6-2007

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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 7-2007 issued on April 27, 2007 prescribes the allocation of the CY 2007 BIR collection goal by implementing office. The overall collection goal of the BIR for CY 2007 as set by the Department of Finance is P 765,859 Million, which is 17.33% higher than the CY 2006 actual collection of P 652,750 Million. Out of the P 765,859 Million, P 730,470 Million is for BIR Operations and P 35,389 Million is for Non-BIR Operations. BIR Operations refer to the collection goal on which the BIR has direct control to collect revenues, while the Non-BIR Operations refer to the collection goal on which the BIR has no control to be able to collect revenues. Under BIR Operations, P 27,549 Million accounts for the goal on Republic Act No. 9337 (New VAT Law) based on the National Government Revenue Program run date February 14, 2007. The breakdown of the goal by major tax type is as follows: TOTAL P 765,859 730,470 35,389 I. INCOME TAXES 433,424 403,033 30,391 II. EXCISE TAXES 58,720 58,720 III. VALUE – ADDED TAXES 183,254 183,254 IV. PERCENTAGE TAXES 46,778 46,778 V. OTHER TAXES 43,684 38,686 4,998 CY 2007 Goals ( in Millions) TAX CLASSIFICATION Total BIR Operations Non-BIR Operations The data used in the computation of the final goal allocation as well as the goal allocation methodology are specified in the Order

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