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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 9-2020 issued on March 3, 2020 prescribes the guidelines in the preparation of the BIR Weekender Briefs. In order for entries to be included in the week’s layout of the BIR Weekender Briefs, the same should be received by the Internal Communications Division via e-mail at weekender_entries@bir.gov.ph not later than Thursday (5:00 PM). In case of holidays, the cutoff day shall be the day before the last working day of the week (e.g. cutoff day is Wednesday if Friday has been declared a holiday). Major events that happened outside the cutoff period (Friday of last week to Thursday of current week), including entries with no date, will not be included in the week’s issue of the BIR Weekender Briefs but will be considered for publication in the BIR Monitor. As much as possible, entries should be sent/submitted a day after the conduct of the event to avoid the accumulation of entries that makes sending/receiving via e-mail difficult. The entries to be retained/published and dropped in the BIR Weekender Briefs as well as the guidelines in the preparation of photo captions and sending of photos are specified in the Order.