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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 8-2018 issued on January 29, 2018 allocates the CY 2018 BIR collection goal by implementing office. The overall CY 2018 collection goal of the Bureau of Internal Revenue has been set at ₱2,039.152 Billion, which includes the additional revenues from the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act amounting to ₱15.893 Billion. Said goal is higher than the CY 2017 goal by 11.47% or ₱209.904 Billion. The data used in the allocation of goal to the implementing offices are the following: a. The CY 2017 estimated collection, which is the sum of: i. The total actual collections for the period January – November, 2017, based on data from the Consolidated Monthly Statistical Report of Revenue Collections (BIR Form No.1209) as updated and validated by the concerned implementing offices with the Research and Statistics Division (RSD) as of December 28, 2017; and ii. The December 2017 collection, estimated based on goal attainment per Revenue District Office (RDO) as of November, 2017. b. Data considered as refinements for CY 2017 Collections: i. Special Taxes comprising of Taxes on Government Securities and Excise Taxes for CY 2017, per BIR Form No. 1209 reports updated as of December 28, 2017. ii. Non-recurring transactions from January – November, 2017 where each single transaction accounts for at least ten percent (10%) of a particular Region’s/Large Taxpayers Service (LTS) total collections for a specific month, based on figures provided in BIR Form No. 1209 Reports updated as of December 28, 2017. iii. Other Special Taxes:  CY 2017 Regular Corporate Income Tax Collections from MALAMPAYA, submitted by the LTS as of December 28, 2017; and  CY 2017 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) remittance of Final Withholding Tax (FWT) on interest due from domestic borrowings under Reverse Repurchase Agreements (RRPs), as well as other similar transactions, submitted by LTS as of December 28, 2017. c. Other Data Considered: i. Economic assumptions / indicators provided in the Medium-Term Revenue Program (MTRP); ii. Collection Goals, by major tax type, culled from the MTRP; iii. The CY 2018 program on the volume of issuance of government securities and their corresponding taxes (FWT) as provided by the Department of Finance. Documentary Stamp Tax [DST]) goal for Non-BIR Operations based on Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) program as of January 18, 2018. iv. The CY 2018 goal on Final Withholding Tax Remittance of BSP as estimated by the RSD on January 10, 2018, based on data provided by the LTS covering remittances from the BSP for the months of January – November 2017. v. January – December, 2017 collections from transferred-in/out taxpayers, extracted by RSD from the ITS-CBR as of December 29, 2017. vi. Adjusted monthly collections due to the change in the payment deadlines of the following:  Quarterly Corporate Income Tax (BIR Form 1702Q);  1 st Quarter Income Tax Return;  2 nd Installment of Annual Income Tax Due; and  Monthly Filing of Withholding/Percentage Tax Returns To effectively handle the request for transfer of business registration by taxpayers not otherwise classified as Large Taxpayer, collections from the said taxpayers shall be credited not in the new RDO, but still in the old RDO, even if the said taxpayer has physically transferred its business address. The Deputy Commissioner for Operations Group and the Assistant Commissioner of LTS shall provide the Deputy Commissioner for Resource Management Group the individual goal allocation of the concerned personnel assigned in the implementing units under their respective jurisdictions not later than March 1, 2018.