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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 8-2011 issued on February 25, 2011 prescribes the guidelines and procedures on addressing the increasing demand for desktop computers. Connection of personally-owned Information Communication Technology equipment shall be limited to desktop computers. No personally-owned laptops, printers and the like shall be connected to the BIR network. Requests for connection to the BIR network of personally-owned desktop computers shall be limited to those emanating from Revenue District Offices (RDOs), including RDO Nos. 116, 121, 124,125 and 126 (Large Taxpayers Service); Large Taxpayers District Office (LTDO) No. 122 (Makati) and LTDO No. 123 (Cebu). Said request shall be formalized through the accomplishment of the Connection/Disconnection of Personally-Owned Desktop Computer Request Form, which shall be evaluated/validated and implemented by the concerned Revenue Data Center. Revenue personnel who accomplishes said request form unconditionally agrees to subject his/her personally-owned desktop computer to diagnostics and reformatting. A revenue personnel (with personally-owned desktop computers connected to the BIR network) who is re-assigned/transferred to another place of assignment shall request disconnection (from BIR network) prior to reporting to his/her new place of assignment. Failure of revenue personnel to have his/her personally-owned desktop computer disconnected prior to transfer shall be grounds for disapproval of his/her request for connection in his/her new place of assignment. All personally-owned desktop computers connected to the BIR Network shall be issued a control number and shall be subject to regular monitoring through the Asset Management tool. The control number shall be cancelled upon request of concerned revenue personnel for disconnection (either as a result of his/her decision to permanently pull out his/her personallyowned desktop computer or upon re-assignment or transfer to another office). A new control number shall be issued for the personally-owned desktop computer upon approval of personnel’s application for network connection in his/her new place of assignment.