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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 6-2006 issued on February 15, 2006 prescribes the allocation of the BIR collection goal for CY 2006. The overall collection goal of the Bureau for CY 2006 as set by the Department of Finance is P 675,353 Million, which is 26.24% higher than CY 2005 tentative actual collection of P 534,485 Million. Out of the P 675,353 Million, P 52,605 Million account for the goal on the New VAT Law (RA 9337). The breakdown, by major tax type, is as follows: Tax Type Total Goal Income Taxes P 401,313 Excise Taxes 59,789 Value Added Taxes 145,348 Percentage Taxes 37,375 Other Taxes 31,528 TOTAL P 675,353 Million