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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 27-2021 issued on October 25, 2021 amends Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 7-2021 by prescribing the revised allocation of the CY 2021 BIR Collection Goal by Implementing Office.
        The BIR’s CY 2021 collection goal of ₱ 2,081.161 Billion (provided in the updated Medium-Term Revenue Program) is composed of the goal from BIR Operations of ₱ 2,025.935 Billion and ₱ 55.226 Billion from Non-BIR Operations.
       The revised collection goal from BIR Operations (net of Special Taxes) of ₱ 1,715.955 Billion is higher by 10.74% or ₱ 166.429 Billion compared to the previous year’s refined collection of ₱ 1,549.526 Billion.
         The same methodology used in RMO No. 7-2021 was applied in the allocation of collection goal for BIR Operations to all implementing offices.