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1 REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 18-2015 issued on September 3, 2015 prescribes the policies and work-around procedures in handling taxpayers with more than nine hundred ninety-nine (‘999”) branch codes under the Electronic Accreditation and Registration (eAccReg) and Electronic Sales (eSales) Systems. All concerned Revenue District Offices (RDOs)/Large Taxpayer Assistance Division (LTAD)/Excise Large Taxpayer Regulatory Division (ELTRD)/Large Taxpayer Division (LTD) – Makati/LTD – Cebu with Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) applications for registration of branches that have reached more than “999” shall be processed using the the Electronic Tax Information System-1 Taxpayer Registration System upon its rollout to their respective offices. The work-around procedures shall be observed until such time both systems and Integrated Tax System are enhanced. Once the enhanced eAccReg is already capable to process the registration of those taxpayers with more than “999” branch codes, all permits issued under this Order shall be cancelled but with retention of the sales data, and the corresponding machines shall be registered with the concerned LTAD/ELTRD/LTD-Makati/LTD-Cebu/RDO having jurisdiction over the particular branch office using the machine’s original serial number. Further, they should enroll in the eAccReg and eSales System using the 5-digit TIN branch code.