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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 16-2020 issued on June16, 2020 amends Table Nos. 2 to 5F of Revenue Memorandum Order No. 12-2020, which prescribed the allocation of the CY 2020 BIR Collection Goal by Implementing Office. The BIR CY 2020 Collection Goal was reduced to ₱ 1,744.104 Billion (or ₱ 1.744 Trillion), which is comprised of the BIR Operations target of ₱ 1,700.033 Billion and Non-BIR Operations target of ₱ 44.071 Billion. The revised BIR Operations target of ₱ 1,700.033 Billion is lower by 22.93% or ₱ 505.867 Billion compared to the previous goal of ₱ 2,205.900 Billion. The decrease in the BIR Operations collection target of 22.93% was uniformly applied to all Implementing Offices.