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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 11-2023 issued on March 21, 2023 amends RMO No. 1-2019 relative to the criteria, procedures, and other additional provisions for BIR’s BEST Annual Search. Covered by the said annual search are all BIR officials and employees holding a permanent position who have rendered at least three (3) years of continuous service in the Bureau and must have a performance rating of Very Satisfactory or its equivalent for the last six (6) semestral or three (3) annual consecutive performance rating periods prior to their nomination. In addition, nominees must have not been found guilty of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude and have no pending administrative or criminal case at the time of the nomination, as certified by the Internal Investigation Division/ Regional Investigation Division. There shall be two (2) categories for the BIR’s BEST Annual Awards, namely: (a) BIR’s BEST for Outstanding Performance; and (b) BIR’s BEST for Exemplary Ethical Behavior. The period covered for the annual search shall be from the last three (3) years prior to the nomination. In selecting the office nominee/representative, the following criteria shall be as follows: A. BIR’s BEST for Outstanding Performance  Superior Accomplishment (30%)  Consistency of Work Performance (30%)  Impact and Sustainability of Contribution (30%)  Work performed outside the Scope of Regular Assignments (10%) B. BIR’s BEST for Exemplary Ethical Behavior  Impact of Behavioral Performance (30%)  Quality and Consistency of Behavioral Performance (20%)  Risk or Temptation Inherent in the Work (20%)  Obscurity of the Position (20%)  Years of Service (10%) All Heads of Offices in the National and Regional Offices (office/service/ division/district) shall evaluate the performance, accomplishments and behavior of employees assigned in their work units as of date of nomination. Based on the above-mentioned criteria, they shall select their office’s nominee/s. Each office shall submit only one (1) nominee per category. The nomination shall include the duly accomplished nomination form and the Recommendation letter signed by the Head of Office, or an Endorsement signed by the Superior Official in case a nominee is a Head of Office. It shall be submitted to the respective Service/Regional Enhanced PRAISE Committees on or before May 15 of the current year. The Service/Regional Enhanced PRAISE shall select from among the nominees submitted by the different offices under their jurisdiction the Service/ Regional nominee for each category who shall be the representative to the Annual Search for the BIR’s BEST. The Service/Regional Enhanced PRAISE Committees shall submit the name/s of the representative/s to the Human Resource Development Service (HRDS), Attention: Personnel Division on or before June 15 of the current year. The Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee shall select the overall winner in each category and indorse the same to the Commissioner of Internal 2 Revenue on or before August 1 of the current year for approval. The four (4) BIR’s BEST Finalists for Outstanding Performance and Exemplary Ethical Behavior shall receive monetary reward amounting to ₱ 5,000 each and Certificates of Recognition containing a citation and signature of the Commissioner. The overall winners shall receive monetary reward amounting to ₱ 10,000 each with Plaques of Recognition containing a citation and signature of the Commissioner. The awarding ceremony shall take place every September of the year, subject to changes upon prior notice. The overall winners for the BIR’s BEST may be nominated by the Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee to the CSC Annual Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees. The overall winners of the BIR’s BEST for Outstanding Performance shall be nominated to the Presidential Lingkod Bayan/CSC Pag-asa Award, while the overall winner for the BIR’s BEST for Exemplary Ethical Behavior shall be nominated to the Dangal ng Bayan Award. Only those who are selected by the Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee as Overall Winners under the BIR’s BEST shall be the BIR’s official nominee/s for the Annual CSC Honor Awards Program (HAP). While there are two (2) award categories under the BIR’s Best, an employee or official should be nominated to only one (1) award category. Overall winners, finalists, and Service/Regional nominees who have been previously conferred with any of the two categories can still be nominated to the same or to a different award category after five (5) years from the conferment of his/her award, provided that the nomination is based on a new set of accomplishments and/or exemplary norms/behavior manifested.