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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 10-2012 issued on April 12, 2012 amends the manner and procedures in the preparation of the Monthly Report of Registration and Remittance of Withholding Taxes (BIR Form W-7) in Revenue District Offices (RDOs) under Revenue Regions with Document Processing Division (DPD). The Collection Section (CS) of RDOs under Revenue Regions with DPD shall be responsible in accomplishing Schedule B of the W-7 report, including the supporting schedules (Schedules C to M), following the prescribed guidelines in its preparation. Amendments to the guidelines and procedures provided under Revenue Memorandum Order No. 20-2011 were made, as specified in the Order. The procedures for RDOs under Regional Offices with DPDs shall be done by the CS until such time that the back-end system of the DPD, which is capable of generating reports is in place. Moreover, in the meantime that the system-generated report and scanned tax returns could not yet be accessed in the Integrated Tax System, the CS of the affected RDOs can view the image of the tax returns using the software provided by the service provider. Encoding of the required information in the W-7 report shall be based on the viewed tax returns, instead of the physical copies of the tax returns. The manner and procedures in the preparation of BIR Form W-7 to be followed by the RDO under Regional Offices without DPD shall remain the same. The Order shall cover reports for the month of March, 2012 and onwards.