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REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 73-2022 issued on May 24, 2022 publishes the full text of Freedom of Information (FOI) Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 22-01, titled “FOI Program Criteria and Validation Process for the Eligibility to Fiscal Year 2022 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)”.
           The FOI MC shall cover all Government Offices under the Executive Branch, including but not limited to the national government and all its offices, departments, bureaus, offices, and instrumentalities, including government-owned or -controlled corporations (GOCCs), local water districts (LWDs), and state universities and colleges (SUCs), pursuant to Section 2 of Executive Order (EO) No. 2 (s. 2016).
     Covered agencies shall accomplish the validation form through the link “<>,” starting 1 January 2023 and to be submitted on or before the deadline
prescribed in Section 4 of the FOI MC. The agency shall provide the following details in the validation form:
                a. Name of Agency;
                b. Head of Agency and Designation;
                c. Office Address;
                d. FOI Receiving Officer/ Focal Person and Designation;
                e. Contact Details of FOI Receiving Officer/ Focal Person;
                f. Direct hyperlink to the following uploaded requirements in the Transparency Seal
                   i. Updated People’s FOI Manual (including new designated list of FOI
                      Receiving Officer/s with corresponding contact details) duly signed by the
                   Head of the Agency;
                   ii. Updated One-Page FOI Manual (including the name of FOI Receiving
                       Officer/s with corresponding contact details and the step-by-step procedure
                       of FOI Request in standard paper-based and electronic format);
                   iii. Updated FOI Report (Agency Information Inventory, 2022 FOI Registry, and
                        2022 FOI Summary Report); and,
                   iv. Link to the agency’s dashboard in the electronic FOI (eFOI) portal
                g. Upload the updated accomplished Assessing Information Disclosure Practices for
                     FOI Compliance (AID-FOI) Tool.
             Submissions that do not comply with the file format and required templates hall not be considered for validation. However, modifications to said file to reflect agency identity and
information shall be allowed.
               Agencies with no revision in their existing People’s FOI Manual shall retain their existing uploaded manual in their respective Transparency Seal. Further, Agencies shall submit the accomplished FOI Report, strictly in single Excel sheet (.xls) and based on the template provided in the link “<>,” to the FOI-PMO, and shall incorporate the same in their respective Transparency Seals with the file name “2022 FOI Reports.”
                All templates (One-page FOI Manual, FOI Reports, Onboarding Form, AID-FOI Tool, and FOI Request Feedback Form) may be downloaded from the link “< 2022FOIPBBTEMPLATES>.” A Certificate of Compliance shall be issued to agencies that have complied with Section 2 of the FOI MC.
The FOI-PMO shall commence the validation process on the following dates:

Updated People’s FOI Manual 30 January 2023
30 January 2023 (Monday)
Updated One-Page FOI Manual
Updated FOI Report (Agency Information Inventory, 2022 FOI Registry, and 2022 FOI Summary Report)
Onboarding to the eFOI portal (
Updated Accomplished AID-FOI Tool

                The FOI-PMO shall issue in March 2023 a list of agencies who failed to comply with the requirements and deadlines prescribed by the FOI MC. These agencies may file a request for reconsideration, through a letter from its head of agency, addressed to the FOI-PMO. The said request shall contain justifiable reasons, which must be factors beyond the agency’s control, along with documents pertinent to the matter.
                Concerned agencies may reach the FOI-PMO through Telephone number (02) 8711- 99-35 and email address