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REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 50-2019 issued on April 30, 2019 circularizes the Consolidated Price of Sugar at Millsite for the month of March 2019
contained in Operations Memorandum (OM) Nos. 2019-03-03, 2019-04-02, 2019-04- 03, 2019-04-05 and 2019-04-06.

While the weekly Price of Sugar at Millsite issued by the Sugar Regulatory Administration reflects the comparative prices of sugar between the previous year and
current year, the consolidated schedule on the said weekly OMs contains only that of the current year for purposes of imposing the one percent (1%) Expanded Withholding Tax on sugar prescribed under the provisions of Revenue Regulations No. 2-98, as amended by RR No. 11-2014.