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REVENUE DELEGATION AUTORITY ORDER NO. 10-2022 issued on August 31, 2022 delegates to the Deputy Commissioner – Operations Group the authority to sign and approve the reconstitution of existing National and Regional Taskforces created thru Revenue Special Orders. The existing National and Regional Taskforces shall be authorized to resume audit functions or other field operations on all outstanding Letters of Authority (LOAs) and/or Mission Orders (MOs) upon approval of the Memorandum Request by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, as provided under Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 121-2022. In any case, no new LOAs, MOs or any written order to audit and/or investigate taxpayers’ internal revenue tax liabilities shall be issued and/or served except for the purpose of replacing previously issued LOA/s or MOs due to change of Revenue Officer and/or Group Supervisor. Monthly reports on the status of all LOAs and MOs for existing National and Regional Taskforces shall be submitted to the Assessment Performance Monitoring Division, for consolidation and submission to the Office of the Commissioner (cc: Office of the Deputy Commissioner – Operations Group) not later than the 10th day of the following month.