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REVENUE ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 6-2017 issued on September 28, 2017 amends Revenue Administrative Order (RAO) No. 2-2014 dated August 7, 2014 relative to the organization and functions of the Operations Group, including the following Services, Divisions and Sections under it: A. Client Support Service i. Internal Communications Division a. Communications Planning Section b. Management Communication Section c. Publication Section ii. Taxpayer Service Programs and Monitoring Division a. Programs Development and Review Section b. Monitoring and Analysis Section c. Forms Design and Review Section d. Registration Processes Review Section iii. Public Information and Education Division a. Public Assistance/Service Section b. Public Information and Education Section c. Media Relations Section d. Audio-Visual Section iv.Customer Assistance Division a. Customer Assistance Sections I, II, III B. Assessment Service i. Assessment Programs Division a. Audit Programs Section b. Programs Evaluation Section c. Audit Procedures and Techniques Section ii. Assessment Performance Monitoring Division a. Asset Valuation Section b. CAR Evaluation and Monitoring Section c. Assessment Performance Section iii. Audit Information, Tax Exemption and Incentives Division a. Incentives Evaluation Section b. Third Party Information Section c. Miscellaneous Operations Section iv.Tax Audit Review Division a. Tax Credit / Refund Review Section b. VAT Credit / Refund Review Section c. Audit Review Section v. VAT Credit Audit Division a. Field Evaluation Section b. Data Verification and Processing Section C. Collection Service (Including Forfeited Assets Management Unit) i. Collection Programs Division a. Collection Programs Section b. Collection Procedures and Techniques Section c. Compliance Review Section ii. Collection Performance Monitoring Division a. Collection Performance Monitoring, Evaluation and Analysis Section b. Authorized Agent Banks (AABs) Monitoring and Analysis Section c. Revenue Collection Officers (RCOs) Monitoring and Analysis Section d. Returns Compliance Monitoring Section iii. Accounts Receivables Monitoring Division a. Accounts Receivables Monitoring and Analysis Section b. Tax Clearance Section c. Compromise and Abatement Review, Evaluation & Monitoring Section d. Collection Enforcement Monitoring Section iv. Miscellaneous Operations Monitoring Division a. Electronic Documentary Stamp Tax Processing and Monitoring Section b. Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) Utilization Processing and Monitoring Section c. Withholding Tax Implementation Evaluation, Monitoring and Analysis Section d. Tax Remittance Advice Monitoring Section v. Revenue Accounting Division a. Reports Monitoring and Analysis Section b. Collection Reporting and Reconciliation Section c. Bookkeeping Section d. Tax Payment Verification and Allotment Section