Customized Solutions




Talk to us, we will discuss the solution specially made for your company
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No businesses are the same, and we at 8box, understand that. 95% of businesses have a special operation and special requirement that most of the self software cannot cater.

If you fit to this category, tell us what you need. Our team of CPAs and IT professional can provide a solution to that


What to expect during Customization


Stage 1. System Design – here we gather the information about the requirement. We get the clients:


  a. Flowchart

  b. Reports and Forms

  c. Current Network Setup

  d. Sample Data and Sample Computation

  e. Other relevant Information


We also make suggestions and recommendation in order to make the operation efficient


Stage 2. Programming Stage – Here we develop the required solution. These includes:


  a. Program codes

  b. Relational Database

  c. Reports

  d. Server Configuration

  e. Hardware Requirements

  f. Other Requirements


Stage 3. System Presentation– Here we present the client the initial system developed. We get the initial feedback and other possible modification


Stage 4. Training and Implementation – We conduct training to the users, and upload the initial data for faster implementation




Sample Clients