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REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 4-2014 issued on March 20, 2014 prescribes the policies and guidelines in the monitoring of service fees of professionals. Self-employed professionals shall register and pay the Annual Registration Fee with the Revenue District Office/Large Taxpayers District Office having jurisdiction over them. They shall also submit an affidavit indicating the rates, manner of billings and the factors they consider in determining their service fees upon registration and every year thereafter on or before January 31. Said professionals are obligated to register the books of accounts and official appointment books of their practice of profession/occupation/calling before using the same. The official appointment books shall contain only the names of the client and the date/time of the meeting. They are likewise obligated to register their sales invoices and official receipts (VAT or non-VAT) before using them in any transactions. In cases when no professional fees are charged by the professional and paid by client, a BIR-registered receipt, duly acknowledged by the latter, shall be issued showing a discount of 100% as substantiation of the “pro-bono” service. All existing and registered self-employed professionals at the time these Regulations became effective are required to submit the required affidavit and register its official appointment books within 30 days from date of effectivity of these Regulations.