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REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 20-2002 issued on November 25, 2002 clarifies the tax treatment of income earned from unregistered activities by enterprises registered under the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992 and the Philippine Economic Zone Act of 1995. Income derived by an enterprise registered with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), the Clark Development Authority (CDA), or the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) from its registered activity/ies shall be subject to such tax treatment as may be specified in its term of registration. Income realized by such registered enterprises that is not related to its registered activity/ies shall, however, be subject to the regular internal revenue taxes, such as the 20% final Income Tax on interest from Philippine Currency bank deposits and yield or any other monetary benefit from deposit substitutes, and from trust funds and similar arrangements, the 7.5% tax on foreign currency deposits and the 5%/10% Capital Gains Tax or ½ % stock transaction tax, as the case may be, on the sale of shares of stock. Income payments made by a registered enterprise to an entity in the Customs Territory shall not be subject to the preferential tax rates or tax exemption enjoyed by the registered enterprise. Thus, dividends paid to the shareholders of a registered enterprise, interest payments to creditors of such registered enterprise, and other such payments shall be subject to the appropriate rate of tax imposable on the recipient of such income.