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1 REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 17-2006 issued on October 20, 2006 prescribes the rules on the accreditation, registration and use of Taximeter Issuing Receipts (TIR) Systems and/or models and other similar types of machines generating official receipts. Said rules shall be in accordance with the provisions of Revenue Regulations No. 11-2004 and Revenue Memorandum Order No. 10-2005. All grantees of “Certificates of Public Convenience to Operate Taxi Air-Conditioned Service” issued by the Land Transportation Franchishing and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) based in or operating within Metro Manila shall be equipped with a TIR System, which shall be used to generate receipts for issuance to customers/passengers in lieu of manually issued or other forms of official receipts. The following information must be shown in the official receipts to be generated by the TIR, with items a to d printed consecutively in the Official Receipt Header: a. Business Name/Name of Taxi; b. Registered Taxpayer’s Name with BIR; c. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (12 digits including Branch Code); d. Address of Operator; e. Telephone Number; f. Receipt/Invoice Number (minimum of 6 digits); g. Accreditation Number; h. Permit Number; i. Plate Number; j. Color Coded Body Number; k. Date of Transaction; l. Start; m. End; n. Distance; o. Waiting Time; p. Amount of Fare (In Philippine Peso); q. “THIS SERVES AS AN OFFICIAL RECEIPT”. Taxi operators/transportation contractors as well as suppliers/vendors of TIR system and/or model found violating the aforesaid provisions and other related issuances shall be subject to the penalties imposed under the Tax Code and applicable laws. All taxi operators/transportation contractors (existing and new ones) are enjoined to acquire TIR system and/or model from BIR accredited suppliers/vendors and to install the same in their taxi units in accordance with the requirements of LTFRB Memorandum Circular Nos. 2003-010, 2003-020 and 2005-039.