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REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 14-2001 issued October 10, 2001 implements certain provisions of the Tax Code relative to the allowance of Net Operating Loss Carry-Over (NOLCO) as a deduction from gross income. Only net operating losses accumulated by a qualified taxpayer beginning January 1, 1998 may be carried over as a deduction from gross income to the next three (3) immediately succeeding taxable years following the year of such loss. For mines other than oil and gas wells, a net operating loss (realized without the benefit of incentives provided for under the Omnibus Investments Code of 1997) incurred in any of its first ten (10) years of operation may be carried over as a deduction from taxable income for the next five (5) years immediately following the year of such loss. Any individual, including estates and trusts, engaged in trade or business or in the exercise of profession, and domestic and resident foreign corporations are entitled to deduct NOLCO from gross income. Those who are not entitled to claim deduction of NOLCO are: 1) Offshore Banking Unit of a foreign banking corporation, and Foreign Currency Deposit Unit of a domestic or foreign banking corporation, duly authorized as such by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilpinas; 2) enterprises registered with the Board of Investments (BOI), with respect to its BOI-registered activity enjoying the Income Tax Holiday incentive; 3) enterprises registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), with respect to its PEZA-registered business activity; 4) enterprises registered under the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992; 5) foreign corporations engaged in international shipping or air carriage business in the Philippines; and 6) any person, natural or juridical, enjoying exemption from income tax, pursuant to the provisions of the Code or any special law, with respect to its operation during the period for which the aforesaid exemption is applicable. An individual who claims the 10% optional standard deduction shall not simultaneously claim deduction of the NOLCO, provided that the three-year reglementary period shall continue to run notwithstanding the fact that the said individual availed of the 10% optional standard deduction during the said period. In the case of corporations, the three-year reglementary period on the carry-over of NOLCO shall also continue to run notwithstanding the fact that it has paid its income tax under the “Minimum Corporate Income Tax” computation. NOLCO shall be availed of on a “first-in, first-out” basis.