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REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 10-2003 issued on March 4, 2003 implements the tax incentives provisions of Republic Act No. 8525, otherwise known as the “Adopt-aSchool Act of 1998”. A pre-qualified adopting private entity, which enters into an Agreement with a public school, shall be entitled to the following tax incentives: 1) deduction from the gross income of the amount of contribution/donation that were actually, directly and exclusively incurred for the Program, plus an additional amount equivalent to 50% of such contribution/donation (subject to the conditions specified in the Regulations); and 2) exemption of the assistance made by the donor from payment of Donor’s Tax. In the case of foreign donation, the Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax, if any, on the importation of goods shall be assumed by the DepEd, or CHED, or TESDA, as the case may be, except in cases where the importation is exempt from VAT. The said VAT payable by the concerned national government agency is deemed automatically appropriated and shall be considered as expenditure of the government. In the case of local donation considered as a “transaction deemed sale” of goods or properties originally intended for sale by the adopting private entity, the same shall be subject to VAT on the transfer of said goods or properties. The said donor/adopting private entity, however, is entitled to claim available input tax subject to the rules on allocation among taxable sales, zero-rated sales and exempt sales. On the other hand, the donee-public school, shall be deemed as the final consumer/end-user, and therefore, not entitled to any input VAT. If the local donation is not considered as a “transaction deemed sale,” then the transfer of the goods or properties to the public school shall be exempt from VAT. The basis for the valuation of the assistance/contribution or donation as well as the procedures for the availment of tax incentives is specified in the Regulations.