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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 9-2010 issued on February 2, 2010 creates the Speakers’ Bureau, which shall be comprised of speakers or lecturers from various offices in the BIR who shall be tasked to assist in the communication and information campaign. The Assistant Commissioner for Taxpayers Assistance Service (ACIR, TAS) shall be responsible for matters involving the Speakers’ Bureau, which shall include the following: a. Maintain a list of speakers/lecturers from all offices and provide support to these speakers through provision of power point presentation materials; list of issues and points to discuss or present; pointers on how to handle the media; and other related support. b. Regularly provide information materials to all members of the Speakers’ Bureau. Among others, these shall include press releases (previously issued and forthcoming), newspaper clippings, Digest of Revenue Issuances (prepared by the Corporate and Communications Division), Digest of BIR rulings and court decisions (prepared by the Legal Service), Weekender Briefs and BIR Monitor, Power Point presentation materials (using a standard template and to include modified versions of the presentation materials used in the command conferences), and other materials. c. Arrange briefings for the members of the Speakers’ Bureau on such topics as Effective Public Speaking, How to Handle the Media, Preparing a Communication Plan, Preparing Effective Power Point Materials, and other relevant topics. d. Assign speakers to talk in seminars, public forum, and other events, or to guest in television programs or radio shows. However, the Regional Directors and Revenue District Officers can initiate their own communication and information activities pursuant to the Public Awareness and Assistance Campaign prescribed in Revenue Memorandum Order No. 4-2010. e. Cover (audio-visual) the major events of the members of the Speakers’ Bureau. All revenue officials holding items of director and above are automatically included in the Speakers’ Bureau. Furthermore, all Regional Directors and Revenue District Officers shall submit not later than February 15, 2010 to the ACIR, TAS the name(s) of other revenue personnel whom they will recommend to be included in the Speakers’ Bureau. Other revenue officials can also submit the names of other personnel who may be considered for the Speakers’ Bureau. The ACIR, TAS will evaluate the communication and public speaking competence of the personnel recommended and notifies the concerned personnel of their inclusion or noninclusion in the Speakers’ Bureau. The list of members of the Speakers’ Bureau shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue not later than February 28, 2010