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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 7-2022 issued on January 18, 2022 prescribes the policies and guidelines in the creation and management of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)’s official social media accounts. The following shall be the primary social media accounts of the BIR: • Facebook (FB) page https://facebook.com/birgovph • YouTube https://youtube.com/birgovphl • Twitter https://twitter.com/birgovph Regional and district offices shall be allowed to create and manage their respective official Facebook page, YouTube page and Twitter account herein after referred to as sub-Facebook pages, sub-YouTube pages and sub-Twitter accounts, respectively (collectively referred as sub-social media accounts). All sub-social media accounts shall have uniform page names and URL conventions. The account naming convention shall be as follows: ACCOUNT NAME URL BIR Revenue Region (RR) 01 – Calasiao https://facebook.com/birgovph_rr01 https://youtube.com/birgovphl_rr01 BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) 001 – Laoag City https://facebook.com/birgovph_rdo001 https://youtube.com/birgovphl_rdo001 Each regional/district office shall be allowed to have only one (1) official subFB page, 1 YouTube page, and 1 sub-Twitter account. Only social media accounts approved by the Regional Director/Revenue District Officer, and formally communicated to Assistant Commissioner (ACIR), Client Support Service (CSS) thru Chief, Public Information and Education Division (PIED), shall be recognized as the official sub-social media sites of the said offices. The list of all official social media accounts of BIR regional/district offices shall be published in a Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC). To prevent impersonation and identity misrepresentation, social media pages/accounts that are not included in the list of official social media accounts published in the RMC to be issued by the Bureau are prohibited from using the BIR logo, tax campaign theme and logo and other symbols that represent the BIR’s identity as a government agency. The ACIR and Head Revenue Executive Assistant (HREA) of CSS shall serve as Overall Social Media Head and Assistant Social Media Head, respectively, in charge of the overall supervision of social media teams in the responsible administration and management of the social media accounts. There shall be Primary Social Media Team in the BIR National Office and SubSocial Media Team in each Revenue Region/District Office that has official sub-social media accounts. These shall be composed of the following: Primary Social Media Team: Head: PIED Members: Personnel of PIED Sub-Social Media Team: Head: Asst. Regional Director (for regional office)/Asst. RDO (for district office) Members: CSU Head as Focal Person (for regional office)/Designated personnel with Salary Grade of at least 18 as Focal Person (for district office); and at least two (2) designated social media managers/editors (regardless of Salary Grade). It shall be the responsibility of the concerned heads of the primary and subsocial media teams to ensure the accuracy and quality of the content published on respective social media sites. For purposes of evaluating the impact to taxpayers, the primary and sub-social media teams shall submit automatically generated statistics, such as those provided in FB insights/business suite and other similar references. All contents posted in primary social media accounts shall be posted in the subsocial media accounts and shall be done only by sharing/re-twitting the content to such sub-accounts. All tax information materials (i.e., instructional video, AVPs, social media cards, etc.) originally created for posting in the sub-social media accounts shall be approved first by the Sub-Social Media Team Head to ensure the accuracy of the information and their compliance with existing rules and regulations of the Bureau, which includes the Data Privacy Act. Office heads in the National Office and Regional/District Offices may request for publication of information materials in social media accounts, for approval by ACIR, CSS (thru PIED Chief) and Sub-Social Media Team Head, respectively; For wider audience reach, the sub-Facebook/YouTube pages shall allow the primary FB page to cross-post contents, including live and pre-recorded events, at all times, with the approval of the overall social media head (ACIR CSS); The BIR logo shall be used as the profile photo of the social media account, while the latest tax campaign theme and logo shall be its cover photo; The following contents are allowed to be posted on the social media pages: • Revenue Regulations • Revenue Memorandum Orders and RMCs that are relevant to taxpayers • Infographics or Video files • Social Media Cards o Tax Advisories o BIR News Article (Media Releases and BIR Updates o Announcements o Job Vacancies o Schedule of Webinars o Other information materials (flyers, posters, etc.) relevant to taxpayers • Communications/Information materials from other government agencies as approved by the Primary Social Media Team. Only official information materials approved by the Regional Director/Revenue District Officer and/or Sub-Social Media Team Heads (as specified in SectionV.7) shall be posted in the RRs/RDOs’ official social media accounts. To protect the bureau’s social media against fake news, phishing scams and other social media security risks, the following postings are strictly prohibited: • Advertisements, jokes, personal photos (e.g., office outing activities), and other information not related to taxation and not relevant to the BIR or government in general; • Personal opinions or statements which do not represent the BIR’s view, particularly those pertaining to internal revenue matters, and religious, social, cultural, and/or political issues; • Comments, messages, and/or sharing of contents for personal gain such as, but not limited to, asking for likes and reactions on personal Facebook profile, photos, or posts; promotion of personal business and/or any business; and • Sharing of information originally posted by a private individual/organization in the official social media accounts. The roles and responsibilities of CSS, PIED, RRs/RDOs Sub-Social Media Team, Security Management Division (SMD) under Information Systems Project Management Service (ISPMS), Network Management and Technical Support Division (NMTSD) under Information Systems Development & Operations Service (ISDOS), Administrative Systems Division (ASD) under ISPMS, Revenue Data Center (RDC) under ISDOS are prescribed in the Order.