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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 6-2011 issued on February 15, 2011 prescribes the guidelines and procedures in the preparation, publication and distribution of the BIR Annual Report. The following offices shall submit the materials/write-ups specified below. Office Responsible Reports/Write-ups/Photos Tax Reform Administration Group Write-up on tax reform projects Office of the Assistant Commissioners Write-up on significant milestones or accomplishments on major programs/projects undertaken during the year to be noted by the concerned Deputy Commissioner Office of the Regional Directors Write-up on the region’s annual accomplishments focusing on two (2) major activities (with photo attachments) of significant impact on revenue collections Statistics Division Report on Revenue Collections with Tax Statistics Data, Tables, Graph and all other vital statistical information on Revenue Collections (current vs. previous year) Corporate Communications Division Digest of Revenue Regulations issued (with date of issue and publication; newspaper source) Collection Enforcement Division Report on accounts receivables and compromise settlement vs. previous year (collections and number of cases) Collection Programs Division Report on Stop-filer cases and closed vs. previous year (collections and number of cases) Budget Division Report on BIR Cost of Operations (Total Expenditures vs. Revenue Collections; Cost to collect; Breakdown of BIR Expenditures for the year) Litigation Division Report on the Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) Program (collections and number of cases) Personnel Division Directory of BIR Officials (as of December 30); Personnel Complement/No. of Personnel by Functions (Current vs. previous year) Training Delivery Division Summary of Trainings conducted and attended by BIR Officials and Employees for the year Tax Information and Education Division Photos of special events The electronic copies of the said materials must be sent through the official e-mail account of the concerned Heads of Offices addressed to the Assistant Commissioner (ACIR), Policy and Planning Service (PPS), Attention: The Chief, Planning Division at planningdivision@bir.gov.ph or cecilia.felipe@bir.gov.ph at the end of the first quarter. The General Services Division shall distribute/deliver the copies of the BIR Annual Report to the concerned offices not later than August 15. The Corporate Communications Division shall post the electronic copy of the BIR Annual Report in the BIR website at www.bir.gov.ph within one week from receipt of the soft copy or DVD copy in Adobe format.