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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 59-2019 issued on December 9, 2019 prescribes the policies and guidelines in disabling ports for USB-based memory sticks, flash/thumb/jump/key and DVD drives of all BIR desktop computers/workstations to secure important BIR assets (i.e. desktop and data). USB ports and DVD Drive (saving/writing capacity) of all BIR desktop computers/ workstations, whether leased or owned, shall be disabled except USB ports for printer, mouse and keyboard connection. The DVD Drive components of desktop computers/ workstations shall be for reading capacity/use only. Only the desktop computers of the revenue officials specified in the Order shall be exempted from disabling of USB ports until such time that the use of Network Attached Storage (NAS) is in place. The Network Management and Technical Support Division/Computer Operations Network and Engineering Division of Revenue Date Centers shall configure and disable the USB ports and DVD drive of BIR computers/workstations; ensure and monitor that all USB ports and DVD drives are disabled in desktop computers/workstations; and maintain and monitor that anti-virus and anti-malware have been installed and regularly updated in the desktop computers/workstations exempted from disabling of USB ports and DVD drive.