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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 55-2018 issued on December 21, 2018 prescribes the policies, guidelines and procedures on the implementation and use of the BIR Webmail by BIR officials and selected revenue personnel. The BIR Webmail shall be the new official email system and channel of communication of BIR officials and selected revenue personnel, to wit: a. Commissioner of Internal Revenue b. Deputy Commissioners c. Chief of Staff of the OCIR and ODCIRs d. Assistant Commissioners e. Head Revenue Executive Assistants f. Regional Directors g. Assistant Regional Directors h. Revenue Data Center (RDC) Heads i. Revenue District Officers j. Assistant Revenue District Officers k. Division Chiefs of the National Office, RDCs and Revenue Regions l. Assistant Division Chiefs of the Large Taxpayers Service m. Select Technical Assistants of the Office of the Commissioner and Office of the Deputy Commissioners The BIR webmail shall be accessible either through Microsoft Office Exchange Application or by logging into the web application at the URL: www.portal.office.com using only the following electronic devices: BIR-issued desktop computer/workstation; BIRissued mobile devices (e.g., laptop, tablet and smartphones); and personal device/gadget with authorization from the Deputy Commissioner-Information Systems Group (DCIRISG). Each BIR webmail user shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) mobile devices (e.g., BIR-issued laptop/tablet and smartphone and personal gadget). Said user shall accomplish the forms specified in the Order. For selected BIR personnel without BIR-issued laptop/mobile phone and those who intend to use personal gadgets/devices, the Permit to Use Personal Gadget/Device to Access BIR Webmail Form shall be accomplished, subject to approval of DCIR-ISG. BIR webmail users shall incur mobile data/internet charges whenever they use mobile devices/gadgets. For BIR-issued smartphones, data/internet charges in excess of the allowed cellphone plan shall be shouldered by said official/employee. For personal devices/gadgets with authorization from DCIR-ISG, data/internet charges shall be borne by the BIR official/select revenue personnel. The old email account of BIR webmail users shall be disabled to ensure the usage of the BIR webmail. However, history of email messages prior to disablement of old email account may still be accessed in the user’s desktop computer/workstation, for reference. BIR Webmail accounts dormant or inactive for one (1) month shall be automatically de-activated. Concerned webmail users may request for re-activation using BIR Form 41. They shall explain in writing on inactivity/prolonged non-use of their webmail accounts. BIR Webmail users shall adhere to the email acceptable use policy. Violations on the use of BIR Webmail shall be dealt with in accordance with ICT security policies. All BIR Webmail issues/problems encountered by users shall be reported/logged in the BIR Service Desk.