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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 5-2018 issued on January 17, 2018 prescribes the policies, guidelines and procedures in the nomination/application to act as a Resource Person for Trainings/Seminars/Briefings or as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Competency-Based Human Resource Program of the BIR. All BIR personnel who are appointed/designated to the positions of Division Chief, Assistant Division Chief and Section Chief may apply or be nominated by the Head of Office where he/she is assigned to act as lecturer or be an SME. Applications for membership in the Trainer’s Pool must be favorably endorsed by the Heads of Offices where the applicants are assigned. Heads of Offices are required to submit not later than the 15th day of January and July of each year a list of nominees who will act as Lecturers/Resource Speakers/SMEs. All applicants/nominees must have attended the Training of Trainers (TOT) and/or Presentation Skills Workshop before their applications/endorsements are submitted to the Human Resource Development Service (HRDS), Attention Training Delivery Division (TDD). For this purpose, said applicants/nominees may request his/her Head of Office to recommend his/her attendance to the TOT and/or Presentation Skills Workshop to the TDD thru the HRDS. The Training Management Division (TMD) and the TDD shall come up with an Evaluation Plan for the Trainers/SMEs. The Evaluation Report shall make a recommendation as to whether the applicant/nominee has the necessary expertise and skills to act as a Trainer/SME. Only applicants/nominees who have passed the TOT/Presentation Skills Workshop shall be allowed to act as Resource Speakers in trainings. For promotion purposes, the provisions of Section Ill (7.7) of RMO No. 10-2017 shall be followed as to the number of points earned, thus: “7.7. Membership in BIR Trainer’s Pool – 10 points xxx 10 pts – at least 3 conducts/facilitated for the immediately preceding Semester; – At least 1 training module reviewed/validated 5 pts – 2 conducts/facilitated for the immediately preceding Semester Maximum points not to exceed 10 points. xxx”