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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 5-2011 issued on February 7, 2011 revises the policies, guidelines and procedures in the preparation of the BIR Monitor. The said newsletter shall contain full-length articles on major events and developments in the BIR, particularly on the following: a. Policy directions and priorities of BIR top management b. Current events/developments in the BIR National Office and regional/district offices c. New revenue issuances d. New programs/projects e. Personnel-related matters (i.e. birthdays, topnotchers in BIR-administered exams, etc.) All heads of offices should ensure that articles (with photos) on current events/developments in their respective offices are prepared and submitted to the Corporate Communications Division (CCD) within the week that the event/new development happened, for it to be considered for inclusion in the preparation of the story budget (list of articles) for the next issue of the BIR Monitor. The editorial staff of the BIR Monitor, headed by the Chief, CCD, has the prerogative to select and rewrite/edit the articles submitted for publication. Articles shall be selected based on their relevance to the thrusts/priorities of the BIR; impact to BIR operations; interest to the readers and urgency to be published. Articles prepared by the CCD concerning highlights of new revenue issuances (especially Revenue Regulations) and features of newly-launched projects/programs shall be validated by the concerned Assistant Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner, prior to publication in the BIR Monitor. Articles for Media Release prepared and released via e-mail by the Taxpayer Information and Education Division as well as late contributions (photos with captions) not published in the BIR Weekender Briefs may also be included for publication in the BIR Monitor. The BIR Monitor shall be reviewed and approved for publication by the Assistant Commissioner, Policy and Planning Service, prior to its release via e-mail and posting in the BIR Website by the CCD.