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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 6-2007 issued on April 18, 2007 designates authorized signatories to documents relative to disbursement of funds out of the “BIR-Grant for Strengthening of Revenue Administration and Collection Efficiency” under World Bank IDF Grant TF056828-Ph. With the retirement of OIC-Deputy Commissioner (DCIR) Norma L. Lipana, and her replacement as Head of the Financial and Management Unit (FMU) by OIC-Assistant Commissioner (ACIR) Zenaida B. Chang, henceforth, for documents which shall be processed and issued by the FMU relative to the said WB-IDF Grant, the following revenue officials are hereby designated as authorized signatories to the specific documents identified below: a. Disbursement Voucher Box A (Certification of Cash Availability and completeness of supporting documents) Chief, Accounting Division Teresa A. Cancino Box B (Approval) Project Director OIC-DCIR Lucita G. Rodriguez b. Obligation Request Box A (Certification that Supporting Documents are Valid, Proper and Legal) One who has direct supervision of the activity Box B (Certification of Availability of Allotment and Obligations Incurred) Chief, Budget Division Ma. Victoria B. Villena c. Check/s and Authority to Debit Advice (ADA) Cashier Ms. Beatriz dela Cruz, GSD Signatory OIC-ACIR Zenaida B. Chang Counter-Signatory Project Director OIC-DCIR Lucita G. Rodriguez d. Application for Withdrawal The Application for Withdrawal (form in Annex A of the Order) shall be signed by OIC-DCIR Lucita G. Rodriguez or OIC-ACIR Zenaida B. Chang