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1 REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 45-2022 issued on October 26, 2022 establishes and implements the Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests Feedback Survey pursuant to FOI Memorandum Circular (FOI-MC) No. 22-1 (published under Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 73-2022). The FOI Request Feedback Survey shall cover all FOI requests received by the concerned BIR offices. This FOI survey is distinct from the existing Client/Customer Satisfaction Survey being conducted for external services under the BIR’s Updated Citizen’s Charter and shall be for the exclusive use of FOI requests only. All concerned BIR offices shall use the prescribed FOI Request Feedback Form (Annex 1). All taxpayers/clients with FOI Requests shall be advised of the requirement that the survey must be accomplished before the release of the requested document/ transaction. The FOI Requests Feedback Score shall be reported through the amended FOI Registry/Summary and Summary Report (with templates prescribed in RMO No. 33-2022) on FOI Request Feedback Survey (Working Paper) prescribed in the Order.