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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 42-2022 issued on September 29, 2022 prescribes the enhanced BIR Digital Transformation Roadmap 2020-2030 that will help the BIR in carrying out its mission to improve revenue collections as it ventures into a digital journey. The BIR Digital Transformation (DX) Program aims to transform the Burau of Internal Revenue into a data-driven organization through a digitally empowered and resilient workforce utilizing reliable, scalable, and robust digital technologies and infrastructure to innovate BIR services and elevate taxpayer service. The BIR DX Program is anchored on four (4) major pillars representing the strategic objectives to be pursued under the program, to wit: a. Pillar I: Strengthening the BIR Organization – Enhancing human resource capabilities and internal processes to provide highly efficient and effective administrative and support services; b. Pillar II: Modernizing the Digital Backbone of BIR – Building and adoption of digital infrastructure that would facilitate the integration of digital technology in all areas of tax administration to continuously improve internal and external services; c. Pillar Ill: Enhancing Policies, Governance and Standards – Reformulation and institutionalization of new BIR policies, governance and standards to enable, support, and ensure the success of digital transformation; and d. Pillar IV: Elevating Taxpayers Experience and Innovating BIR Services – Elevate taxpayer experience through convenient, fast, and reliable online/digital transactions in the areas of registration, filing, payment, audit and enforcement and provide excellent service to all taxpayers, allowing them to experience customer delight or high level of satisfaction. To achieve the digital transformation goal, projects under each pillar are lined up to be implemented during the ten-year program as shown in the DX Roadmap/Path to DX Vision 2030. All offices shall ensure that other programs, projects and activities to be undertaken are aligned with the BIR DX Roadmap 2020-2030. The programs, projects, or initiatives under the revised BIR DX Roadmap for CY 2020-2030 shall be reviewed/revisited annually and/or updated as the need arises. Consequently, any changes made must be approved by the Commissioner.