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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 39-2022 issued on September 27, 2022 amends Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 4-2018 relative to the BIR Service Desk System (Centerpoint). The Order revises the existing allowable Requester per BIR office to create, monitor and close the addressed incident/problem reports and service requests affecting their office. The Requester/s per office/division shall be as follows: Office Required No. of Requester/s All National Office (NO) Offices (excluding LTS) 1 per Office Revenue Regions (RR) All Divisions under RR Revenue District Offices (RDOs) 2 per Regional Office 2 per Division At least 3 per RDO Large Taxpayers Service (LTS) All Divisions under LTS LTD-Davao LTD-Cebu 2 for LTS 2 to 4 per Division 2 to 4 per LTD-Division 2 to 4 per LTD-Cebu All incident/problem reports and service requests of every office shall be created electronically through the BIR Service Desk System by the Requester who is officially designated by the concerned office. The Service Desk System shall be accessible via intranet thru URL https://birservicedesk.bir.gov.ph:1800/ using Google Chrome, MS Edge or Mozilla Firefox. In case the BIR Service Desk System is inaccessible, or the connectivity of the Regional/Revenue Office is down, the Requester shall report their incident/problem report/service request to the Service Desk Group (SDG) thru phone, text, chat/messaging application, or in person using the BIR Service Desk Request Form (Annex A1 – IT Support/A2 – Application/Systems Support) in hard or soft copy, including other necessary attachment/s. Such attachments include, but not limited to, Data Correction Forms, Screenshot of error message, Certificate of ISAB and signed AUP form, and others. The SDG will then forward to Problem Resolution Group (PRG) through email the reported incident/problem report/service request with necessary attachment/s of Requester. A manual logging and numbering system shall be devised by each Service Desk site to track the reported incident/problem/request from Requesters. These shall be logged by the Requesters electronically once the system becomes available based on the manually logged issues to be emailed by SDG. The Service Desk Site Area of Jurisdiction are as follows: Service Desk Site BIR Office Jurisdiction Email Service Desk National Office All National Office (NO) Offices (excluding LTS) hdeskno@bir.gov.ph Service Desk National Office Data Center (NODC) All Offices under LTS, including LTD-Davao and LTD-Cebu All Offices and RDOs under RRs 8A and 8B hdesknodc@bir.gov.ph Service Desk Revenue Data Center (RDC) Luzon 1 All Offices and RDOs under RR 1 – 4 hdeskluzon1@bir.gov.ph 2 The BIR Service Desk System shall be for internal use only. For CAD, the system shall be used to log and escalate incident/problem reports/service requests of external users/ Taxpayers to the appropriate PRG. All concerned personnel are strongly encouraged to open their BIR official email accounts regularly to ensure that all incoming emails, particularly notifications on incident/problem reports/service, are received and processed on time. All Resolved incident/problem reports/service requests shall be closed by the SDG/Requester upon confirmation with User within one (1) month from Resolved date. If no confirmation has been received after one (1) month, the Resolved incident/ problem reports/service requests shall be automatically tagged Closed in the Service Desk System. Except for ISO certified BIR Offices, the resolved incident report/service request shall be closed per quality plan. Requester shall notify/inform the concerned SDG for any movement/transfer of personnel within their office for proper updating of Customer/User Profile. Service Desk RDC Luzon 2 All Offices and RDOs under RR 5, 6, 7A and 7B, RR 9A, 9B and 10 hdeskluzon2@bir.gov.ph Service Desk RDC Visayas All Offices and RDOs under RR 11 – 14 hdeskcebu@bir.gov.ph Service Desk RDC Mindanao All Offices and RDOs under RR 15 – 19 hdeskmindanao@bir.gov.ph Customer Assistance Division (CAD) External users/Taxpayers contact_us@bir.gov.ph Tel. No. 8538-3200