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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 35-2022 issued on on September 1, 2022 prescribes the use of standard templates on System Advisory/Notification. The Information Systems Group (ISG) shall ensure that systems, applications and ICT infrastructure are always available to all authorized users at any given point in time. It is of utmost importance that internal and external stakeholders are immediately and properly informed of any service interruptions or systems-related activities like system maintenance, product upgrades or new application features. The following Advisory/Notification templates are prescribed for use when announcing specific activity. For uniformity, the use of font Times New Roman and font size 12 is recommended: TEMPLATE NO. DESCRIPTION ADVISORY CODE 1 System Maintenance/Unavailability (planned or unplanned) SU SUR (for Revenue Data Center {RDC} – specific downtime) 2 Slow or Intermittent Connection SIC TEMPLATE NO. DESCRIPTION ADVISORY CODE 3 System/Application/Infrastructure Availability SA 4 Application Software Updates/ Upgrades (i.e. MS Teams, Zoom, Chrome, etc.) AU In coordination with the Process Owner, Advisory/Notification shall be prepared in two (2) copies by: RESPONSIBLE OFFICE TYPE OF ACTIVITY Concerned Project Proponent Application-related activities Data Warehousing and Systems Operations Division (DWSOD) Hardware-related activities Network Management and Technical Support Division (NMTSD) Network-related activities Security Management Division (SMD) Security-related activities Advisory/notification shall be issued if the reported downtime/outage cannot be resolved on expected resolution time after it was reported (such as resolution time for urgent/critical issue is within 4 hours for network-related, or as indicated in the Service Level Agreement with Managed Service Providers/Contractors) and upon restoration of the system/service. Localized issuance of Advisory/Notification for system unavailability/ availability shall be issued and approved by the concerned Revenue Data Center (RDC) Head. Said Advisory/Notification shall be emailed to the concerned Revenue Region (RR)/Revenue District Office’s (RDO) generic official email account; copy furnish the i) concerned Assistant Regional Director; ii) concerned Assistant Revenue District Officer/s; iii) NMTSD; and iv) SMD. The NMTSD/RDC Service Desk Analyst shall assign a unique Reference Number to all Advisory/Notification, whether for internal or external stakeholders, for monitoring purposes. The System Unavailability Reference Number of a certain Advisory/ Notification shall be used as Reference Number, except for the Advisory Code, once the particular system is restored and a System Availability Advisory/ Notification is issued. For issued Advisory/Notification containing multiple application systems that were not simultaneously restored, the Advisory Code for succeeding restored application system shall be followed by a series number starting from 1, 2, and so on. Advisory/Notification for unavailability and availability at the same time may be issued in one Advisory/Notification when the system or infrastructure is restored instantaneously. Concerned ISG Proponent shall be responsible in forwarding the signed/approved advisory/notification for proper posting to: NMTSD – for internal users Internal Communications Division – external users/stakeholders The NMTSD/RDC Service Desk Analyst shall monitor all Advisories/ Notifications on systems unavailability and shall remind Process Owner/ Proponent to prepare/release Advisory/Notification on system/service availability, once system/service is restored. The NMTSD/RDC Service Desk Analyst shall devise an automated report which shall contain details on the frequency of system downtime, duration/date and site. Said report shall be prepared and submitted every 5th working day of the following month to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner-ISG; copy furnish ISG Assistant Commissioners.