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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 31-2022 issued on June 15, 2022 prescribes the policies, guidelines and procedures in the Accomplishment Reporting on BIR Programs and Projects. The BIR Programs and Projects shall include the Bureau’s Annual Priority Programs published through a Revenue Memorandum Circular, and other Major Programs and Projects that significantly contribute to the collection performance of the Bureau. This excludes the projects under the Digital Transformation Program, which are already being monitored by the Project Management and Implementation Service. The Quarterly Summary Report of Accomplishments shall be the reference document for the preparation of BIR Annual Report and submission of data and information requested by various external stakeholders, ie. Office of the President, Department of Finance, Senate, House of Representatives, Credit Rating Agencies, etc. The Planning and Programming Division (PPD) shall create an online Quarterly Accomplishment Report Form through SharePoint. The Assistant Commissioner (ACIR), as program/project owner, shall assign a Focal Person who shall be responsible for accessing, encoding, and updating the online Quarterly Accomplishment Report Form. The link to the online form shall be sent by the PPD to the respective emails of the Focal Person. The ACIR, thru its Focal Person, shall access the link to accomplish and update the status of the BIR’s Programs and Projects. All data/information/updates should be approved by the concerned ACIR before encoding in the online Quarterly Accomplishment Form. The access to the online Quarterly Accomplishment Form shall be open to all Focal Persons for encoding of updates of accomplishments two (2) days before the following deadlines: PERIOD DEADLINES 1 st Quarter April 20 2 nd Quarter July 20 3 rd Quarter October 20 4 th Quarter January 20 The following day after the deadline, the PPD shall close the access for any updates. In the event that no accomplishments were encoded in the online form until the deadline date, a follow-up memorandum shall be issued to the concerned ACIR, copy furnished the Focal Person. The access shall be open upon request of the concerned ACIR within three (3) working days from the time the follow-up memo was issued.