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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 3-2021 issued on January 6, 2021 prescribes the procedures in the implementation of the Biometrics Time and Attendance System (BTAS) in the National Office (NO), amending Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 26-2012. All revenue officials and employees are required to have an account in the Employee Self Service (ESS) Module of BTAS. Each employee must use their Personnel Number (PERNR) as their username and create a personal password in the ESS. For new employees, the Personnel Division (PD) will create an employee profile in BTAS, register their fingerprints in the biometrics machines and generate the initial default password for ESS Access. Employees in the National Office requesting for password reset for their BTAS Accounts should lodge their request thru the use of the Service Desk System. In case the System is not available, employees should accomplish BIR Form 0044 and submit the same to the Security Management Division (SMD), for validation. The SMD after validating a request for password reset shall forward the same to the System Administration Section of the Data Warehousing and Systems Operations Division (DWSOD) for the issuance of a new default password. For security purposes, only the Heads of Offices and Administrative Officer (AO) are required to have an account in the ERP Module of BTAS. All employees are required to file online in the ESS their Applications for Leave (AFL); Official Business (OB); missing Time-Log entries; Compensatory Time-Off (CTO); and Overtime (OT) services. All employees must use the command keys for Check-In (F1), Break-Out (F2), Break-In (F3) and Check-Out (F4) of the biometrics machine. Employees on half-day shall use the following command keys of the biometrics machine as they arrive and leave the office premises: Check-In (F1) and Break-Out (F2), for half-day in the afternoon; and Break-In (F3) and Check-Out (F4), for half-day in the morning. For all AFL generated/printed from BTAS, the Head of Office must approve/disapprove and sign the Applications for Leave (AFL). The processor from Personnel Division is no longer required to affix his/her signature in the Certificate of Leave Credits portion as the leave credits are already generated by the system. Employees with unreadable fingerprints shall temporarily use bundy cards until the issuance of BTAS card, which shall be tapped to recognize the employee details. The Regional Office may procure a higher specification biometrics system whether fingerprint scanning, face recognition or any other time recording machine, as long as the data output of said units must be compatible to BTAS of the National Office in reference to the specifications (Annex D of the Order) based on the approved Terms of Reference (TOR). The following officials and employees are exempted from using biometrics machine and will only be required to manually log/record their daily attendance in the Daily Record of Attendance and correspondingly file their AFL, if any:  Commissioner of Internal Revenue (CIR)  Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue (DCIR)  Assistant Commissioner of Internal Revenue (ACIR)  Head Revenue Executive Assistant (HREA)  Chief of Staff (OCIR and ODCIR)  Regional Director (RD)  Assistant Regional Director (ARD)  Other personnel as approved by the CIR due to the exigency of the service All officials and employees in the National Office shall refer to the attached Procedures in the Right Usage of the BTAS (Annex E) in connection with the use of the BTAS. The penalties for frequent unauthorized absences from duty during regular office hours and loafing; habitual tardiness and undertime; and non-compliance with the provisions of this RMO are prescribed in the Order.