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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 3-2015 issued on February 2, 2015 prescribes the CY 2014 Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Accomplishment Reporting for the Large Taxpayers Service (LTS). The said Operational KPIs shall be adopted as the standard measures in the Office Performance Commitment and Review Form and in the Office Index of Success Indicators of the LTS, LT National Office Divisions (LTNODs) and LT Divisions (LTDs) – Makati and Cebu for the Strategic Performance Management System. The formula for the computation of Score per KPI and Overall Rating of an office are specified in the Order. In the event that the actual accomplishment exceeds the KPI target, the Score to be given shall be the maximum assigned KPI weight. Figures to be used in all computations shall be rounded off to the nearest 2 decimal places. Any issues relative to the KPIs, including, among others, the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of accomplishments, shall be the responsibility of the concerned Measure Owners. The LTNODs/LTDs – Makati and Cebu shall prepare and submit report on the accomplishment on performance measures/KPIs prescribed in the Order. The concerned Head Revenue Executive Assistant (HREA) shall monitor compliance of respective Offices and the Chief, LT Performance Monitoring and Programs Division shall prepare a Consolidated Accomplishment Report for submission to the Assistant Commissioner –Large Taxpayers Service (ACIR-LTS). The ACIR-LTS, thru the HREA, Programs and Compliance, shall monitor the submission, validate and evaluate the Accomplishment Reports of the LTS and compute the corresponding KPI Scores. The Operational KPIs and Accomplishment Reporting prescribed in this Order shall be effective beginning the 2nd Semester of 2014. 1