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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 3-2010 issued on January 18, 2010 prescribes the use and display in all BIR offices of the “Making the Public Know” theme and logo of the BIR for 2010. The theme aptly reflects the thrust of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue of pursuing a high visibility communication to all stakeholders of the BIR’s tax administration activities and initiatives. It also highlights the transparency policy that the BIR will be vigorously promoting. The logo, on the other hand, incorporates a diagram of the human eye to symbolize the initiative of the BIR of letting the public know and see what are the developments in the BIR under the policy of full transparency. All personnel are encouraged to use the logo in materials prepared for their activities and communication. The logo should also be incorporated in the postings in various areas in the office. Heads of offices should ensure the use and display of the logo and theme in their respective offices, and should be actively involved in the high visibility campaign to disseminate to the public the developments in the BIR as well as information to assist taxpayers in their compliance. Recommendations and best practices on the implementation of this campaign can be submitted to the Office of the Commissioner.