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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 29-2013 issued on November 8, 2013 prescribes the BIR Reform Master Plan (RMP), 2013-2016. The RMP consists of Ongoing and Proposed Reform Projects, as listed in Annexes A and B of the Order. The Reform Steering Committee (RSC) shall approve the reform projects to be included in the RMP, and any changes thereto. The projects in the RMP will each have an Executive Sponsor, Sponsor and Project Manager. The reform projects included in the RMP shall be guided by the following: a. A conceptual plan shall be required from each Project Manager, followed by detailed and comprehensive work plan, in accordance with BIR project management methodology; b. For proposed projects, these will go through a full initiation and design phase as set out in project management methodology; c. Project Managers and Sponsors will be required to submit a monthly report to the Project Management and Implementation Service (PMIS) on the project status (i.e., deliverables/milestones, including status of payments on procurements, issues and risks); d. Project tasks status/updates shall be entered in the automated Project Management System (PMS) by Project Managers who will be authorized users of the PMS; e. The PMIS will prepare reports to the RSC monthly on the overall performance of the portfolio of projects and, by exception, on underperforming projects as well as unresolved issues and changes to the risk profile of the portfolio; and f. For projects that are to be closed, either through cancellation or finalization, it will go through the closure process also set out in the project management methodology. The PMIS shall manage the portfolio of projects in the RMP, and shall be responsible for the approved BIR reform program. They shall report to the RSC on the status of Portfolio of Reform Projects within 3rd week of each month covering accomplishments for the preceding month. The initial report to be provided by the PMIS to the RSC shall be for project portfolio performance covering the month of October 2013. Designated Project Managers for projects classified as Ongoing Projects in the RMP, which have been started by a different Project Team, shall coordinate with the previous Project Manager to gather all the existing project documentation necessary to continue the assigned project.