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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 28-2022 issued on May 24, 2022 prescribes the BIR’s Enhanced Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (Enhanced PRAISE). The System shall now be called BIR Enhanced Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (BIR Enhanced PRAISE), which shall cover all BIR career and non-career employees. The Enhanced PRAISE is designed to encourage, recognize and reward deserving employees of the Bureau for their exemplary behavior and accomplishment in the performance of duty, in the delivery of public service and in the attainment of organizational objectives. The BIR Enhanced PRAISE shall adhere to the “Equal Opportunity Principle” (EOP) of providing incentives and awards based on performance, innovative ideas and exemplary behavior, and shall not discriminate based on gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion and/or indigenous group membership in the implementation of its rewards and incentive program. The BIR Enhanced PRAISE shall provide both monetary and non-monetary awards and incentives to recognize, acknowledge and reward productive, creative, innovative and ethical behavior of employees through formal and informal mode. For this purpose, the grant of non-monetary awards shall be encouraged. Except for agency awards and incentives authorized under existing guidelines, monetary awards may be granted only when the suggestions, inventions, superior accomplishments and other personal efforts result in monetary savings which shall not exceed 20% of the savings generated. The BIR Enhanced PRAISE shall be institutionalized through the creation of PRAISE Committees on the following levels: Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee, Service Enhanced PRAISE Committees and Regional Enhanced PRAISE Committees. The composition of the said committees as well as their roles and responsibilities are specified in Section IV of the Order. The Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee shall recommend or nominate deserving BIR employees to National Awards such as Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award, Outstanding Public Official/Employee or Dangal ng Bayan Award, PAGASA Award, or to any other external award giving bodies. The Types of Awards (External – National Awards and Internal – Agency Awards); Types of Incentives; and Forms of Awards and Incentives are specified in the Order. Issues relative to awards and incentives shall be brought before the respective Service/Regional Enhanced PRAISE Committee which shall address the same within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt thereof. Otherwise, the same shall be elevated to the Executive Enhanced PRAISE Committee for resolution within 15 days from date of receipt.