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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 25-2006 issued on October 25, 2006 prescribes the accomplishment/signing of the User Agreement Form (UAF) by all revenue personnel/others concerned who are requesting access to e-mail, internet and/or Integrated Tax System (ITS) account. The accomplished/signed UAF shall be submitted together with the following applicable access/account request form: a. Request for System Access (BIR Form/BF 0044) – for ITS/server access, including reactivation of suspended account, resetting of password, replacement of/additional job designation etc. UAF and BF 0044 shall be forwarded to Security Management DivisionInformation Planning and Quality Service (SMD-IPQS) for appropriate action. b. E-mail/Internet Account Request (BF 0041) – for creation of BIR e-mail account and/or granting of internet access. UAF and BF 0041 shall be forwarded to Systems Support Division-Information Systems Operations Service for appropriate action. All revenue personnel and others concerned with existing access to the BIR network and/or other BIR ICT facilities shall sign and submit a UAF to SMD-IPQS within one (1) month from release/dissemination of the Order. Non-submission of UAF within the prescribed period shall result in automatic cancellation of the user account/s.