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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 24-2017 issued on October 4, 2017 prescribes the guidelines and procedures on the use and maintenance of the BIR Dormitory in the National and Regional Offices, amending RMO No. 1-2005. The Training Delivery Division (TDD) in the National Office or Administrative and Human Resource Management Division (AHRMD) in the Regional Office shall be responsible for the management of its training venues, multi-purpose spaces and dormitory. Admission to the dormitory shall be limited to the use of BIR personnel only based on the following prioritization: 1 st Priority BIR officials and employees attending trainings/seminars/ conferences and have official transactions with issued Revenue Special Order (RSO) or Regional Revenue Special Order (RRSO) with prior reservations 2 nd Priority BIR officials and employees with official transactions in the National/Regional Offices, such as securing accountable forms, submitting reports, Mission Order, etc., with official letter/authority from their Head of Office, and with prior reservations 3 rd Priority BIR officials and employees who need short-term accommodations (one-week only) reporting due to a recently-issued Revenue Travel Assignment Order (RTAO) and with prior reservations 4 th Priority BIR officials and employees who need short-term accommodation not longer than one (1) week and with prior reservations 5 th Priority Personnel required to render overtime beyond 9:00 p.m. or those with early flights on official business Reservation shall be on a first come, first serve basis and shall be made via email or phone call to the Dormitory-In-Charge (DIC) or Head of Office (TDD in the National Office or AHRMD in the Regional Office) at least two (2) days before check-in. The dormitory rate shall be One Hundred Pesos (P 100) per person/per day, subject to future change by the Commissioner. Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability (PWD) shall be given 20% discount upon presentation of valid Senior Citizens’ ID or PWD ID. Transactions made are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Hence, the employee who intends to check-out prior to the date paid shall not be refunded. Whenever an employee intends to stay beyond the period initially paid for, he/she must inform the DIC at least 24 hours before the extension period to check on the availability of beds. He/She shall be required to register and pay anew. Check-in time is 8:00 am and check-out time is 6:00 pm, and any fraction thereof shall be considered a day. In cases of long term course, such as the General Course for Revenue Officers which require staying for eighteen (18) days or more, stay in the dormitory during weekends and holidays shall be considered with pay when an employee is accommodated or when his/her belongings stay therein. The Head of Agency may be provided an official staff house/venue due to the exigencies of his/her service which may require him/her to work beyond the official working time for the accomplishment of strategic goals and mission of the office.