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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 23–2015 issued on October 16, 2015 announces the availability of “Employee Matters” in the BIR Portal and prescribes the guidelines to its access and regular updating of its content. The “Employee Matters” portion shall be made available to revenue officials and personnel who have registered and logged on to the BIR Portal. Initially, it will include the following information: a. HR Policies on recruitment/promotion; compensation and benefits; performance evaluation; internal transfer; Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth/Current Personnel Strength submission and separation from BIR b. BIR Personnel Forms (i.e. Personal Data Sheet, Clearance Forms, Application for Leave, etc.) c. Training Schedules d. Training Issuances/Scholarships e. Gender & Development Program To be able to access the information on “Employee Matters” from the BIR Portal, revenue officials and personnel should register and log on to the system, through the login box to be made available in the BIR Website (www.bir.gov.ph), using the password to be provided by the Systems Development Division (SDD). The requirements for the issuance of password are specified in the Order. Heads and Assistant Heads of BIR offices identified as content owners in Annex A of this Order shall ensure the regular and timely updating of their assigned/owned information posted in the “Employee Matters” portion of the BIR Portal. The designated Content Management System (CMS) Approver and CMS Editor(s) of said offices shall use Joomla to publish new/updated articles in the BIR Portal. For this purpose, a CMS account has been created per concerned BIR office, which should be kept secure at all times by the CMS Approver. Articles for posting in the BIR Portal should be reviewed and approved first by the respective head of office and Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner, where necessary, in order to ensure its accuracy. It shall be the responsibility of the CMS Approvers to ensure that only pre-approved articles are posted by their office in the BIR Portal. Whenever there is a need to post/publish new information (information not yet currently posted) under the “Employee Matters” portion of the BIR Portal, the concerned BIR office shall make a formal request addressed to the Chief, Internal Communications Division (ICD). In the request, the following details shall be specified: a. Information for posting (hard and soft copies should be attached to the formal request); b. Name of designated CMS Editor; and c. Name(s) and telephone number(s) of contact person(s) in the office. The Chief, ICD shall request the SDD to create a new template in the CMS to implement the regular posting of said information in the “Employee Matters” portion of the BIR Portal and its succeeding updates by the office that made the request. If there is a need to revise the presentation/layout of currently posted information in the BIR Portal, the concerned BIR office shall have to make a formal request addressed to the Chief, ICD indicating the details/specifications for the desired revision and the name(s) and telephone number(s) of contact person(s). The ICD, in turn, shall coordinate with the SDD for the revision of the affected CMS template. In case of retirement, resignation, transfer to another office, or replacement of an office’s CMS Editor, the head of office shall ensure the transfer of CMS technology to the identified replacement (new CMS Editor) at least two (2) weeks before the effectivity of retirement, resignation or transfer of the outgoing CMS Editor.