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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 2-2019 issued on January 3, 2019 declares the new TIN Card (BIR Form No. 1931) as an accountable form, which will bear a prenumbered sequential serial number, for control and accountability of the concerned BIR office and personnel. The requisition and distribution of BIR Form No. 1931 will take effect once the Accountable Forms Division (AFD) has procured/printed the form within 2019. Said form shall be requisitioned from the AFD by the Chief, Administrative and Human Resource Management Division. Accountability over accountable forms shall remain with the authorized requisitioner until it has been issued, cancelled or turned over to an incoming accountable officer. Accountable Officers in custody of BIR Form No. 1931 shall prepare a Monthly Report of Accountability for Accountable Forms indicating the receipts, issuances, transfer and balances of accountable forms. Lost, damaged or cancelled BIR Form No. 1931 in the custody of accountable officer shall be reported by accomplishing the Report of Lost/CanceIIed/Damaged Form (BIR Form No. 2622).