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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 18-2021 issued on June 2, 2021 prescribes the BIR Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for CY 2021 for the Revenue Regions (RRs), Revenue District Offices (RDOs) and Large Taxpayers Service (LTS). The concerned Assistant Commissioners, as Measures Owners, shall monitor, review and evaluate their respective Operational KPIs against their goals/targets to assess the performance of the concerned offices. There are seventeen (17) Operational KPIs whose details are specified in Annex A of the Order. The LTS shall include the following offices as “Implementing Office” for a particular KPI: KPI No. KPI Weight KPI lmplementing Office (s) 1 50 Collection Performance Large Taxpayers National Office Audit Division (LTNOADs), LT Divisions (LTDs) Cebu and Davao, Excise LT Field Operations Division (ELTFOD) 2 5 Percentage increase in collection LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, ELTFOD 10 3 Audit Effort LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, LT VAT Audit Unit (LTVATAU) 11 3 Increase in collection by 10% of previous year’s audit previous audit collection goal LTVATAU 12 1.5 Audit Efficiency LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, LTVATAU 13 2 3 Reduction of Tax Arrears Collection LTDs Cebu and Davao, LT Collection Enforcement Division (LTCED) 14 2 Reduction of TAMP Stop-Filer cases LTDs Cebu and Davao, LTCED 16 1.5 Expedite promotion of qualified employees Large Taxpayers Service The formula in the computation of the Score for each KPI and Overall Rating are specified in the Order. In the event that the actual accomplishment exceeds the KPI target, the score to be given shall be the maximum assigned KPI weight. The Operational KPIs shall be included as measures in the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) Form as well as in the Office Index of Success Indicators of the RRs, RDs, RDOs, LTs, LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, ELTFOD, LTVATAU, LTCED, LTDPQAD, ELTRD and LTAD in relation to the Strategic Performance Management System. The Accomplishment Report and Evaluation Report shall be prepared every 1st Semester (January to June) and annually based on the cumulative accomplishment from January to December.