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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 18-2016 issued on May 17, 2016 updates the reportorial requirements under the Client Support Service. The Revenue District Offices (RDOs), Revenue Regions and concerned offices under the Large Taxpayer Service shall no longer submit the following reports: a. Quarterly Inventory of Permits Issued and Pending Applications to Use Computerized Accounting System or Components Thereof b. Monthly Report on Reprinted “Permit” Cash Register Machine (CRM)/Point-of- Sales (POS)/Special Purpose Machine (SPM) and other similar sales machines c. Monthly Report on Cancelled “Permit” CRM/POS/SPM and other similar sales machines d. Quarterly Report of Registered Barangay Micro Business Enterprise The Data Warehousing and Systems Operations Division shall continue to submit to the Taxpayer Service Programs and Monitoring Division the reports specified in the Order relative to Non-Computerized RDOs. All prevailing revenue issuances, guidelines, including templates, pertinent to the manner of preparation and submission of each report shall still be observed and implemented by the concerned BIR offices.