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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 17-2022 issued on March 17, 2022 prescribes the policies and procedures in the issuance of Tax Credit Certificate arising from Personal Equity Retirement Account (PERA) and its utilization using the ePERA System. The ePERA System shall manage the proper administrative reporting of PERA transactions involving contributions, income, withdrawals and/or terminations using simplified and uniform formats for a coordinated monitoring of tax privileges and incentives granted to qualified PERA contributions under Report Compliance Module. The following are the reports to be submitted by the PERA Administrator under the Report Compliance module of the ePERA System: No. Name of Report Due Date of Submission Format 1 Quarterly Report on PERA Contributions Not later than the fifteenth (15th) day following the close of every quarter Annex “A” 2 Quarterly Report on PERA Distributions/Early Withdrawals/ Terminations Within sixty (60) days following the end of the quarter of the date of termination or withdrawal Annex “B” 3 Annual Report on PERA Contributions (cumulative 1st to 4th Quarter) Within sixty days (60) days from the close of the calendar year Annex “C” 4 Annual Report on PERA Distributions/Early Withdrawals/Terminations (cumulative 1st to 4th Quarter) Within sixty days (60) days from the close of the calendar year Annex “D” The annual reports on PERA contributions, as well as PERA distributions/early withdrawals/terminations shall be the cumulative result of the 1st to 4th quarterly reports submitted. The ePERA System, which is connected to the PERASys, shall use an Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate the validation of the TIN of a qualified contributor as reflected in the quarterly reports being submitted by the PERA Administrator. Late submission and non-submission of required reports shall be subjected to penalty imposition. However, payment of penalty shall not exonerate the PERA Administrator from complying with the submission of the required reports. The compromise penalties under the existing revenue issuances shall be imposed for each and every case of non-submission or late submission of required reports during a taxable year by PERA Administrator. For this purpose, failure to supply any of the required reports shall constitute a single act of omission. The received application in batch for PERA-TCC (Tax Credit Certificate), using BIR Form 2338 (Annex E) and BIR Form 1942 (Annex F) submitted by the PERA Administrator within sixty days (60) days from the close of the calendar year through the PERASys, shall be processed by the PERA Processing Office using ePERA System’s Tax Credit Application Module and endorsed to the Commissioner or his authorized representative, for approval. Once the batch application for issuance of PERA-TCC is approved, the approved PERA-TCC for the year can now be viewed at the TCC Module-PERASys and shall be readily available for generation and dissemination to the qualified contributor using the Utilization Request Module-PERASys. On the other hand, the approved PERA-TCC for the year shall be viewed at the Alphalist of PERA Contributors of ePERA System for reporting to the top management. Upon written request of the PERA Contributor, the PERA-TCC shall either be printed by the PERA Administrator and issued physically to the contributor or to his/her authorized representative using Utilization Request Module–PERASys, or sent in PDF file to the official email of the contributor, for the latter to print. Once it is printed, the PERA-TCC shall be tagged as ISSUED at the PERASys and ePERA System. The PERATCC can be issued in full or partial amount, depending on the written request of its utilization by the contributor. In cases of employers who contribute a share to the account of their qualified employee, only the latter can request for the issuance of PERA-TCC. On the other hand, the employers may obtain from the PERA Administrator the Certificate of Aggregate Amount of Qualified PERA Contribution (BIR Form No. 2338) for their employees with regard to their share on the qualified contributions. The employers may claim as a deduction from gross income their share, but only to the extent of the employer’s contribution that would complete the maximum allowable PERA contribution of an employee. The PERA-TCC shall be used for the payment of Income Tax liabilities of qualified employee and self-employed contributors, while for qualified overseas Filipino contributor, the PERA-TCC can be used in the payment of any internal revenue taxes. The PERA-TCC shall be attached to the applicable tax returns and presented to the concerned RDO prior to the filing of return and payment of any corresponding taxes, to be validated at the ePERA System. The Collection Section of the concerned RDO shall scan the QR code of the PERA TCC or access the ePERA System to validate the authenticity of the PERA-TCC presented and tag it as CLAIMED in the Utilization Module-ePERA System. In the case of an employee contributor, the PERA-TCC shall be submitted to the employer for the latter to apply the gross amount of the PERA-TCC in the annual yearend adjustments for computing the net withholding tax due of the contributor-employee. The submitted PERA-TCC of the employee/s shall be kept by the employer for future audit to be conducted by authorized BIR personnel. Further, the applicable details of the certificate shall be indicated in the column provided for the purpose in the prescribed Annual Alphabetical List of Employees, including the certificate of compensation payment/ tax withheld for compensation payment with or without tax withheld (BIR Form 2316) of the employee-contributor. A PERA-TCC shall only be printed once. However, upon written request of the contributor, for meritorious reasons, it can be re-printed and cancelled. Both request for re-printing and cancellation of PERA-TCC shall undergo the same approval process. In the case of approved request for cancellation, the amount of PERA-TCC will revert back to the PERA-TCC balance available for utilization. Each PERA-TCC utilization is automatically deducted from the tax credit balance once the concerned RDO tagged the particular PERA-TCC issued as “CLAIMED”. A report ledger per PERA-TCC is available for reference in the ePERA System. Each year’s balance is stored separately and are not summed up as one tax credit balance. Review and monitoring of remittance of penalties imposed on early withdrawal/ distribution/termination of PERA contributions shall be based on the quarterly reports of PERA Administrators. A qualified contributor who uses a spurious PERA-TCC shall be liable to pay the amount utilized with 50% penalty for fraud and 12% interest per annum, without prejudice to the filing of appropriate criminal charges. The following pre-determined reports can be generated by authorized BIR personnel using the ePERA System in Excel and PDF formats: • Alphalist of PERA Contributors • List of Approved Report Submission • List of Early Withdrawals • List of Rejected Report Submission • Report Ledger for Contribution/Withdrawal • Report on PERA Contributions • Report on PERA Distributions and Early Withdrawals • List of Approved TCC Applications • List of Rejected TCC Applications • PERA Tax Credit Certificate • Report Ledger per Tax Credit Certificate • User Master List The heads of the concerned offices shall be responsible for all PERA data furnished/disseminated to their respective offices and the same shall not be divulged to any unauthorized personnel within and outside the BIR. Any unauthorized disclosure by any revenue personnel shall be a ground for the imposition of administrative sanctions and filing of appropriate charges against the erring official or employee. Any information that will not require disclosure of the name of the Contributor is excluded from the prohibition, for regulatory purposes.