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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 17-2010 issued on March 4, 2010 amends Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 31-2008 reiterating the previous memorandum on wearing of the prescribed BIR uniforms and/or ID. Wearing of the BIR uniforms and employee’s ID must be strictly observed and shall be worn at all times while inside the BIR premises for security purposes. All employees shall continue to wear the prescribed BIR uniforms in accordance with the following schedule: MALE Monday Black Pants and Cream Barong w/ BIR Pin Tuesday to Thursday Black Pants and Cream Polo Barong w/ BIR Pin Friday Washday FEMALE Monday Skirt/Black Pants and Light Yellow w/ Blue Stripes Blouse, Black Blazer and BIR Pin Tuesday to Thursday Skirt/Black Pants and Light Yellow w/ Blue Stripes Blouse and BIR Pin Friday Washday Assistant Commissioners, Head Revenue Executive Assistants, Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors, Revenue Data Center Heads, other holders of Director 1 positions, Revenue District Officers, Division Chiefs, Assistant Division Chiefs, Officers-in- Charge of Divisions, and other holders of CRO IV and Attorney V positions, Technical Assistants assigned in the Offices of the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners (OACIRs) and all lawyers who need to attend court hearings are exempted from wearing the prescribed uniforms. The following must be strictly observed in order to maintain modesty and proper decorum in the revenue service: a. Appropriate Attire – On days when no prescribed office uniform is required to be worn, employees shall be dressed in appropriate business attire. The wearing of “maong pants”, although generally prohibited, may be considered as appropriate attire when paired with a collared polo/ shirt (for male employees), or any appropriate blouse or shirt (for female employees); b. Prohibited Attire – The following attire shall be prohibited for all government employees when performing official functions inside the workplace: i. Gauzy, transparent or net-like shirt or blouse; ii. Sando, strapless or spaghetti-strap blouse (unless worn as an undershirt), tanktops, blouse with plunging necklines; iii. Micro-mini skirts, walking shorts, cycling shorts, leggings, tights, jogging pants, capri pants; and iv. Rubber sandals, rubber slippers, “bakya”. c. Other Prohibitions – The following shall also be prohibited during office hours and within office premises: i. Ostentatious display of jewelry is prohibited, except for special occasions and during official celebrations; and ii. Wearing of heavy or theatrical make-up. d. Pregnant employees are allowed to wear maternity dress during the period of pregnancy, starting on the 4th month of pregnancy upon presentation of a medical certification issued by the Medical, Dental and Welfare Division. e. An employee who lost an immediate member of his/her family (spouse, child, parent, brother, sister and grandparent) may wear mourning clothes for a maximum period of one (1) year from the death upon presentation of the proof of death of the deceased. Field auditors, group supervisors, examiners and other personnel performing field audits/investigations, including Internal Security Investigators, Special Investigation Division (SID) investigators and hearing officers of the Personnel Inquiry Division (PID) are not exempted from wearing the prescribed uniforms and IDs when entering and while within the BIR premises. The Doctors, Dentists and Nurses in the Medical, Dental and Welfare Division shall be allowed to wear their white uniforms, in lieu of the prescribed office uniforms. The uniform of the male employees assigned at the Building Facilities and Maintenance Section, Communications Operation, Automotive and Equipment Section and Printing Section of the General Services Division shall be navy blue polo jacket. The Head of Office shall likewise be responsible for the strict implementation of this policy in their respective offices. Anyone who does not comply with this Order without justifiable reason/s shall, in addition to possible administrative disciplinary action, be considered absent by the Head of Office. The Inspection Service (IS), thru the Internal Security Division (ISD), is mandated to conduct a random check of all offices in the National Office and Regional Office to ensure compliance with the Order. The Office of the Regional Director, thru the SID, shall be responsible for the regular conduct of random check of all offices in the Regional Office. The ISD/SID shall prepare and issue warning letter/s to first time violator/s duly signed by the Assistant Commissioner, IS/Regional Director within 5 days from receipt of the List of Violator/s. A “Show Cause Letter” shall be issued requiring second time violator/s to submit to the ISD/SID a written explanation under oath within 5 days from receipt of the “SHOW CAUSE LETTER” why no disciplinary action may be taken against him/her for not wearing the prescribed uniform and/or ID. If the explanation is justifiable, a stern warning shall be issued accordingly, otherwise, an administrative disciplinary action shall be recommended for violation of reasonable office rules and regulations, the imposable penalties of which are as follows: 1 st offense – Reprimand 2nd offense – Suspension for 1 to 30 days 3rd offense – Dismissal