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REVENUE MEMORANDUM NO. 15-2021 issued on April 6, 2021 prescribes the BIR’s Mental Health Program (MHP), pursuant to Republic Act No.11036 (Mental Health Act of 2018 and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations). An employee at risk or identified to have a mental health condition shall not be discriminated in any form, regardless of status, age, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, creed or religion; and in terms of recruitment, promotion and termination. They shall not be discriminated nor prevented from receiving benefits as government employees because of their condition. Said employee/s shall continue to perform their duties and responsibilities, provided they are issued a certification that their condition does not impede their productivity and that they are still fit to work, and continued work will not aggravate their mental health condition. Employees identified to have mental condition and have undergone treatment and recovered, as certified by an attending physician, shall not be prevented from returning to work provided an accredited physician certifies that he/she is fit to work. The Management Committee shall make work arrangements adaptable and flexible to accommodate employees at risk or identified with mental health conditions. All information and medical records, including those submitted during the recruitment process shall be protected and treated with confidentiality, as provided under applicable laws and rules, particularly the Data Privacy Act. Employees at risk or identified with mental condition: a) shall not be deprived of the opportunity to work and to participate in policy making and program implementation relating to mental health; b) shall not be prevented from exercising their inherent civil, political, economic, social, religious and cultural rights; and c) shall have access to affordable evidence-based treatment and medical services, and participate in mental health advocacy, policy planning, legislation, service provision, monitoring, research and evaluation. Mental health initiatives shall be integrated into the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards in the BIR to ensure their sustainability. The Strategies, Implementation Mechanism of the MHP and the Roles and Responsibilities of concerned officials and offices are specified in the Order.