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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 13-2023 issued on April 3, 2023 amends Section 2.1 of Revenue Memorandum Order No. 47-2022 relative to the allowable period and prescribed additional requirements of Request for Work from Home (WFH) Arrangement. All approved WFH arrangement shall not exceed three (3) months. However, applicants may re-apply for WFH subject to the re-evaluation/ verification of the Head of Office. An official or employee requesting for WFH shall submit a letter request accompanied by the following supporting documents: For Situational Conditions a. Affidavit for WFH arrangement; b. Copy of Revenue Special Order (certified true copy by the Records Management Division) or Revenue Regional Special Order (certified by the Administrative & Human Resource Management Division), for members of BIR Priority Projects or other task force; and c. Other relevant documents which will serve as proof of the special function of the employee applying for WFH. For Medical Conditions a. Affidavit for WFH arrangement; b. Notarized Medical Certificate of the attending physician; and c. Notarized Medical Abstract and other Medical Records. The applicant must specifically state the number of days in a week he or she will be on WFH and the number of months that the WFH arrangement will be observed (e.g. WFH of 3 days every Monday to Wednesday from November to December 2023, WFH of 5 days from October to December 2023, etc.).