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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 13-2016 issued on April 14, 2016 prescribes additional policies, guidelines and procedures in the processing of application for registration of non-individual taxpayers under the Electronic Tax Information System (eTIS1) -Taxpayer Registration System (TRS). One scanner shall be provided to each pilot Revenue District Office/Large Taxpayer Assistance Division/Excise Large Taxpayer Regulatory Division/Large Taxpayer Division (LTD) – Makati/LTD Cebu using eTIS1-TRS. The scanner, which shall be located in the Client Support Section (CSS)/Registration Section area, shall be used by the CSS/Registration Personnel solely for the application for registration of non-individual taxpayers. Scanning of documents and encoding of stockholders/members/partners information in the registration of non-individual taxpayers using eTIS1-TRS shall be done back-end to minimize processing time in the frontline services. All hard copies of application form and scanned documents shall be kept following the existing policies and procedures in the safekeeping and records disposition schedule of the BIR.