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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 12-2018 issued on March 2, 2018 prescribes the CY 2018 BIR Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Revenue Regions, Revenue District Offices, Regional Divisions and Large Taxpayers Service (LTS). The Operational KPIs shall be monitored, reviewed and evaluated by the concerned Assistant Commissioners (ACIRs) as Measures Owners (also referred to as the “Monitoring Office”), to determine the performance of Implementing Offices against its goals/targets. The LTS shall include the following offices as “Implementing Office” for a particular KPI: No. KPI Implementing Office(s) 1 Collection Performance LT National Office Audit Div. (LTNOADs), LT Divisions Cebu and Davao (LTDs), Excise LT Field Operations Div. (ELTFOD) 2 Collection Growth LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, ELTFOD 5 Audit Effort LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, LT VAT Audit Unit (LTVATAU) 6 Audit Efficiency LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, LTVATAU 7 Collection of Arrears LTDs Cebu and Davao, LT Collection Enforcement Div. (LTCED) 8 Reduction in number of Stop-Filer cases Cebu and Davao, LT Document Processing & Quality Assurance Div. (LTDPQAD), LTCED, Excise LT Regulatory Div. (ELTRD), LT Assistance Div. (LTAD) 9 Payment Compliance by Tax Types LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, LTDPQAD The KPIs under the Support Functions shall only apply to the Revenue Regions. The formula in the computation of Score per KPI and Overall Rating of an office are specified in the Order. In the event that the actual accomplishment exceeds the KPI target, the score to be given shall be the maximum assigned KPI weight. Figures to be used in all computations required in this Order shall be rounded off to the nearest two (2) decimal places. The Operational KPIs shall be adopted as the standard measures in the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) Form, as well as in the Office Index of Success Indicators of the RRs, RDs, RDOs, LTS, LTNOADs, LTDs Cebu and Davao, ELTFOD, LTVATAU, LTCED, LTDPQAD, ELTRD and LTAD in relation to the Strategic Performance Management System. The Accomplishment Report and Evaluation Report shall be prepared every 1st Semester (January to June) and annually based on the cumulative accomplishment covering January to December. Any issues relative to the Operational KPIs, including the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of accomplishments, among others, shall be the responsibility of the concerned Measure Owners (MOs). The Operational KPIs prescribed under this Order shall be adopted in the succeeding years until there shall be amendments/revisions to be recommended by the MOs.